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We provide reliable, safe flatbed delivery for standard cargo sizes, as well as oversize, over-dimensional, and heavy cargo. Flatbed trucking is selected when freight is not easily transported in an enclosed vehicle due to its size or dimensions. Flatbeds allow for manual or crane loading and unloading from the top, back, and sides, making them a preferred choice for time-sensitive deliveries or destinations without loading docks..


Our logistics team will recommend the safest, most affordable flatbed trucking option for shipping your equipment or freight. Depending on the load capacity and size, and delivery timeline, we may recommend one of the several types of flatbeds for freight shipping, such as tandem and tridem flatbeds, Conestoga trucking trailers, or extendable flatbed trailers. Our team will coordinate with our network of trained transportation professionals, arrange escort vehicles, obtain permits, and manage any customs processing needed. Our logisticians will plan the optimal route for shipping, and arrange for any equipment needed to load or unload your cargo at pick-up or delivery. We provide transportation throughout the Southeastern area and more. Please call us or message us to verify your pickup locations.